Private prosecutions are undertaken from the very outset when a magistrate’s court information is drafted right through to trial & appeal.

Examples of private prosecutions I have been involved in include;

•    Acting on behalf of a husband when the wife had made false allegations against him.
•    Acting on behalf of a family when their in-laws had made unlawful threats.
•    Acting on behalf of a party to litigation when the other side had told lies in their evidence.
•    Acting in a family matrimonial dispute when one side told lies to get an advantage.

Having prosecuted my first case in 1989 and having worked on my first criminal case in 1984 I can genuinely say that I bring a wealth of experience to all my client’s causes. 

I have the experience of a QC – but without the huge price tag. 

I have won cases when the other side had a QC & a junior barrister and I was on my own.

I have held the role of leading Counsel in both The Crown Court & Court of Appeal.

If you want a highly skilled, war-scarred tactician who will work hard to get you the result you want, then I am the barrister you need.

I have successfully prosecuted in:

    • The Court of Appeal
    • The Crown Court
    • The Magistrates Court