Mr Khan will represent clients at every stage of the criminal process – whether you are under investigation, have been arrested or charged, or are seeking representation for a trial or appeal. He will also provide emergency 24-hour representation at police stations within the M25.

Forz is able to provide the experience of a QC; but without the expense of a QC. Mr Khan has won criminal cases when he has had both Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel on the other side.

Cases undertaken include:

  •  Murder
  •  Rape – Marital / Child / Stranger / Date
  •  International Hijacking
  •  Fraud – VAT / Company / Tax / Mortgage / Benefit
  •  Drugs – Supplying / Importation / Possession / Conspiracy 
  •  Terrorism
  •  Prison Riot
  •  Robbery
  •  Blackmail
  •  Health & Safety breaches
  •  Trading Standards
  •  Environmental Offences
  •  Regulatory breaches
  •  Corporate offences