Mr Forz Khan is a leading Senior Barrister with more than 30 years experience and operates from The Chambers of F Khan in London, England. Mr Khan can accept direct instructions from the general public under the Public Access Scheme.

Mr Khan is Authorised and Regulated by the Bar Standards Board.

  • Mr Khan speaks fluent Urdu and has an understanding of Punjabi, Hindi and Gujarati.
  • Professional, licensed access, and/or lay clients may contact Mr Khan directly to obtain a quotation for legal services on 07854 109 584 or contact me here
  • Nearly all of the work undertaken by Mr Khan is conducted on a fixed fee basis. Clients much prefer this. For someone of his seniority, this proves to be highly cost-effective for those who want the level of experience of a QC and do not wish to pay for more than one lawyer.
  • Fixed fees are offered in most direct access cases. These are much preferred by clients as they can prove to be cheaper than paying on an hourly rate. Experience has shown that fixed fees work to the advantage of the client far more often than they do for the barrister.
  • Chambers do not undertake work on any no win type arrangements.
  • Chambers do not offer credit.  Payment is usually required to be cleared before any work can be undertaken.
  • Mr Khan’s hourly rate is £ 450 plus VAT per hour.

The level of fees depends on variable factors such as;

  • Case complexity
  • The likely time commitment
  • The importance of the case
  • The means of the client
  • Written client care letters set out the fees agreed at the start of a professional retainer and save where, exceptionally, time does not permit, all further work is costed and fees are agreed before work is embarked upon.
  • Fees are the subject of clear discussion and agreement by telephone and e-mail before any engagement with the prospective client is undertaken.
  • In all direct access cases, fees are agreed and paid before work commences.
  • VAT is charged as it has to be charged by law.


The following factors will influence the timescales applicable to any given case:

  • Barrister availability;
  • The availability of the client or relevant third parties;
  • The complexity of the case;
  • The amount of papers to be reviewed;
  • The need for additional information or documents;
  • The approach taken by the other side;
  • Third parties involvement in the case; and
  • Court waiting times

Please contact me today to obtain a quote.