The Chambers of F Khan is currently accepting applications from law students who are seeking a mini-pupillage. 

What is a mini pupillage?

A mini-pupillage is a period spent with a senior barrister, either in court, reading case papers, taking statements or preparing a case. The experience is designed to ensure that the student (mini-pupil) gets a first-hand experience as to exactly what it is like living the life of a working barrister so an informed judgement can be made on the issue of whether a career at The Bar is suited to them.

The mini-pupillage also allows for questions to be asked so that the barrister can bring his experience to bear for the benefit of the student.

It is important to note that many chambers expect an applicant for pupillage to have undertaken at least 3 mini-pupillages so that they know that the candidate is committed to the career, informed as to what to expect and are coming to chambers with their eyes wide open.


How we can offer mini pupillages.

I have over the last 30 years given mini-pupillages to well over 100 students. This has allowed career decisions to be made. Some of these mini pupils have gone on to become barristers, judges, treasury counsel, senior partners & solicitors.


What your experience means students can learn from you,

As I have had many mini-pupils I am able to address the concerns, queries, questions & issues that are raised by candidates. It is very rarely that an issue is raised that I have not already been asked before. This experience means that at the end of the mini pupillage the knowledge level of the candidate should be substantially higher than prior to arrival.


How to apply

CV and covering letter – by email



You must be doing your law degree. I do not give mini pupillages to candidates who have not started doing a law degree or equivalent.